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Winter One Design

December 16th, 2014

Another great RegattaPro race on Saturday. Crazy currents and even crazier wind shifts created plenty of passing opportunities. Look at this sweet conga line.
On the “Nationals” front we are getting some offers for lodging in which is GREAT. Thank you all. We still need to lock in about four charter boats, so please be our eyes and ears for charter opportunities.
This was the last race of 2014!!!! What a splendid year it’s been. The goal is for 2015 to be even better.

Winter update

November 13th, 2014

Yes, here is our fearless leader Richard Stockdale on the iconic “Froglips” This was at the RegattaPro Winter Onedesign regatta. Richard had the genius to go right in the second race and took advantage of the current switch to bag the race. A few boats followed him there but none could catch him. Conditions were pretty much perfect as you can tell from the pictures.

Please ask around for us: We are in need of charter boats and housing for out of town sailors for the Nationals and WR’s combined in May. Now is the time to start planning for that. We have had multiple inquiries from as far away as Texas. Seattle boats and SoCal boats are coming too. We expect at least 8 but possibly much more. These will be the best sailors on the west coast. Some crews are like many of our crews: excellent sailors competing on a shoestring. Wouldn’t want it any other way but let’s see if we can welcome them in the best way possible.
Changing topics again. This year’s Fleet Banquet and awards party was attended by 47 people. That’s a modern day record I’m sure. New partnerships were forged. Darren was lauded as season winner. Alex was most outstanding second, Val had the best praise for the fleet calling 2014 the best season ever. A quick skippers meeting brought a few things to to the forefront:
1 We loved the many ‘single day’ regattas thanks to SFYC’s efforts. So we definitely want to do that again.
2 We are considering shortening the season by removing the first and last month.
3 We have some conflicting regattas coming on back to back weekends in spring and in August, (And May of course).
4 We are considering doing a regatta in the Alameda Estuary (preferably a two dayer to make the commute worthwhile)
5 We are considering a parallel party circuit type of thing: Pick 3 regattas that at least a core of boats commit to and that make it attractive for casual J24’s to come and compete. Would love your input on all of this.
Also, don’t forget about the Berkeley Midwinters. Froglips, TMC and Evil Octopus were there last Sunday and had a close battle.

OPB-YC 2nd Annual Crew You Regatta – “I’m down with OPB…”

September 21st, 2014


On September 20th, we had another fantastic Crew You Regatta and post-race raft up in the lovely Richmond Riviera.
We had nine J/24 boats come out for this unique event. There are a few rules for this event – (1) the owners may not drive their boat (2) Extra points awarded for retrieving a beer from the Beer Duck Buoy and (3) at 12 knots of breeze we go down to the jib.
Exceptionally exciting was that we coaxed out at least two boats that don’t regularly race with us (Phantom and Backwards) and third was chartered by the OPB-YC Commodore, Jasper van Vliet, so that he could technically still sail “OPB”. On top of that we had 15 new crew recruited to sail for this event, and could easily staffed another boat if we had one. We hope to see these sailors back out racing during the midwinters because they had a great time.
We were fortunate that the RYC race committee asked us to move further south than we originally wanted in order to make more room for the International 14 Nationals. It put us more into the slot than we would’ve liked, but we heard from the dinghy folks that they barely had any wind behind Angel Island all day.
After 5 races, we rafted up our boats with our race committee and started up the BBQ. We will keep brainstorming to find a location that might be less rolly for next year but still deep enough for the motherships to anchor.
We hope to see you all again next year!
Some kudos and thanks:
JWorld: Thanks for letting us use your racing marks and ground tackle. Come and race with us next time.
Phantom: Appreciate you guys coming all the way up from Alameda and waiting around for the first race. You would’ve won your division had you heard the OCS call and cleared it. It seemed like you were enjoying the tunes as well.
Hans: great job on race committee again. Fun and organized all in one package!
Sue and Bill: you guys rock, thank you for the use of your boats for both the race and the raft up. You are amazing friends.
Volunteers: Dave, Annette and Andy – it was great to have you on the RC it was clear that you got the spirit of this event and were glad you had fun helping us out.
Shumar: You nut. Thanks for dressing up like an Evil Octopus and throwing yourself in the water to get up-close action photographs. Were glad you came out with all your tentacles intact. (Pictures are coming, we’ll share on our OPB-YC Facebook page)
Owners: thanks for letting other people drive your boat, we hope that was as good for you as it was for us!
Zane: After tucking the boats away, Peter, Jasper and I were enjoying a little vino at a local bistro. I was re-capping the song list for the day when a lovely blonde at the next table looks over and says “I’m down with OPP”. Before Jasper could ask her weight, and while her date was blushing horribly, I clarified “OPB”.

We got a lot of positive feedback on the race too. One said he thought it was the best regatta of the year. We’ll take that. Another said he’ll certainly crew again unless he gets his own J24 first. We’ll take that too. We’re stoked to get so much positive feedback. We’re also seriously considering either moving this regatta to Alameda next year or doing an additional one in the estuary there. Shorts, T-shirts, you get the picture.

Crew You

September 9th, 2014

Yes it’s the annual Crew You regatta. We have a few crew who are still looking for boats. So let us know if you’re short.
Also remember to actually sign up either by paypal or with an email. The link for the SI’s etc is here:
Here’s a visual reminder:


August 11th, 2014

Welcome to Berkeley!!!!!

SFYC’s Small Keelboat Series Wrap-up

July 5th, 2014

We solicited a few of the fleet skippers for their recaps and reports of the terrific and fun Small Keelboat Series, hosted by the San Francisco Yacht Club. Don’t miss the video from Randall showing not only the excellent conditions, but a special guest appearance by Dean Don!

Alex and Craig from Fly By Night:

“The 3rd and final day of the San Francisco Yacht Club Small Keelboat Series was held in the Berkeley Circle on June 28th. Warm weather and mild wind combined to create ideal sailing conditions, which gave the sailors the luxury to focus more on tactics and less on survival! Six J-24s participated including Woof, Flight, Downtown Uproar, Rail to Rail, Shut Up and Drive and Fly By Night. The race committee overcame engine woes before setting and then resetting the course following a big west shift. Race 1 saw Rail to Rail, Downtown, and Shut Up pull away from the fleet while Flight and Fly By Night found themselves in a tight match race on the final downwind. Rail to Rail got the win, followed closely by Downtown Uproar and Shut Up and Drive. Between races the wind started to build, prompting several boats to switch down to a jib, but the wind soon lightened and these boats were left underpowered. Woof capitalized on a south shift and moved up to fourth place before just being edged in a dramatic finish. It was all genoas for the third race. Rail to Rail avoided the crowd with a great start at the pin on the way to their third bullet of the day. Fly By Night battled it out with Downtown Uproar for second place, with Fly By Night slipping ahead after a tight leeward rounding. Once the racing was through, four teams met up at the gorgeous SFYC. The friendly staff there welcomed us and provided complimentary ice-cold Trumer, which we all enjoyed on the patio with a breathtaking view. The consistency of Downtown gave them the overall win, with Fly By Night in second and Rail to Rail overcoming a trio of DNCs on the first day with a near-perfect 7 points through the next 6 races to come in third. The well-run regatta was a big success for the resurgent J-24 fleet. On behalf of the entire fleet, we want to extend a big thanks to the race committee and SFYC for hosting the event.”

Darren from Downtown Uproar:

“A better Summer day for racing on the Bay, I can not conceive of. Cloudless skies, no fog, and south by southwesterlies never really making it to the 18 kts. mark. An organized and communicative race committee, great competition, what more could one ask for? This was the scenario for our final set of races in the SFYC series of three.

We went into the day one point behind Alex and “Fly by Night”, so our focus would mainly be on them. Though it would have been nice to take one or two away from Rich and “Rail to Rail’s” near monopoly on firsts. Was a little bit late on the first start, but still on top of a lot of boats, “Rail to Rail” in contact, but out in front. Stayed on their tail the majority of the race. We separate some from the others, but could not find the speed (or angle) to get past R2R.

Race 2, saw some boats changing down to blades, but we were not seeing Karl at the Gate, so thinking the weird (for this time of year) southerlies were mitigating the big blow. We spun up one setting on the shrouds. Shadowed by R2R into the start by the committee boat. But, got an opening, pulling the trigger a little late again, put over a good portion of the fleet. Saw some boats stuck in a “second row” start. R2R out in front with a great start again. Val and “Shut up and Drive” made a tight cross on us. Maybe the pin was favored? Though the left paid off for us, and we stretched out a little, though out of striking distance on R2R. One above base felt a little slow here.

Final race, starting to feel a little more pressure, but the genoa still manageable. Again shadowed by R2R on the prestart. But, they peel off to start down the line. Hit this one pretty good, but on the first tack R2R is well ahead. Thinking we missed the shift here, and the pin-favor? FbN goes all the way out to the port layline, and are able to round inside of us (overstood). Good drag race downwind, we have the inside. Big shift from the South at the leeward side of the coarse. Slightly late and sloppy douse / gybe, and again FbN slip inside the open door. Try and split with them, but they are dialed in and sailing fast, extending by a couple boat lengths.

We sailed to SFYC for a round of mai tais on the deck, and socializing. Sunny and beautiful as usual. Great reach home around the Island on the settled in southwesterly. ”

Randall from Flight:


“The Battle of Red and Blue

Some might have thought Alex and I had planned to be Fourth of July patriots for day 3 of the SFYC Small Keelboat Fleet Regatta. To go with our similar names, both Flight and Fly by Night had identical red and blue spinnakers to go with our white boats. The truth goes a bit farther back in Fleet 17 history. Don Taylor always had red and blue spinnakers on On Belay and years ago Don gave one of his old kites to Val, last year Val gave it to Alex. With the forecast of 30 knots for the regatta Saturday, I decided to bring out the old double stitched red and blue kite which I inherited from Don when I bought On Belay and renamed it Flight 4 years ago. To add to the coincidence, Don Taylor was back trimming his old red and blue kite on Flight Saturday.
In the last downwind of the first race Saturday, Flight and Fly By Night ended up in the battle of the Red and Blue Kites. We had held Fly By Night off for the first 3 legs of the race and rounding the upwind mark for the last time, Flight was still several boat lengths ahead. The guy tripped out of the end of our pole just after the set and by the time that was fixed and we jibed over onto port, Fly By Night was pulling even to the left of us. We tried to push him up but was too far away, so we just went for speed. Alex responded by jibing over to starboard, so we jibed over to avoid fouling him. Now the windward boat, we were able to pull forward, and came within 6 inches of breaking overlap, but no matter what we did we could not pull forward those extra inches to get rights ahead. Soon it became apparent we were heading to lay line for proper course to the finish mark and we both jibed back to port. Being inside, Fly By Night had now pulled ahead and finishing a couple boat lengths ahead. Here is the video from our stern pulpit:!5165

In the overall results of the regatta, Downtown Uproar took first overall with their usual consistent great sailing each day of the regatta. Alex was just a few points behind in second, and Rail to Rail was third after missing the first day of racing and getting all bullets but one in all of the races they sailed. Val took fourth on Shut Up and Drive. A broken rudder gudgeon causing SUAD’s retirement (and much excitement) in second race of Day 1 was the major contributing factor there. Evil Octopus moved down to sixth overall giving us fifth, since they were in Long Beach this weekend representing Fleet 17 in the J24 Western Regionals. With heavy air and light crew Woof doggedly stayed in the hunt, several times showing great boat speed.”

Long Beach Race Week – Western Regionals- June 28/29

July 4th, 2014

Evil Octopus made the road trip to Long Beach for the famous LBRW regatta which happened to be our western regionals this year.

Started off with a bang (aka bullet minus 1) and then whimper, moan, grunt and whimper.
Great venue, but tricky to read the light and shifty winds.
Great team, but first time really racing in these positions together.
Big road trip, made more exciting when the trailer came detached 100 yds short of the freeway.
And stiff Mt Gay cocktails, but not free.

No excuses though, Evil Octopus is getting ready for Nationals in May. And many of these top tier boats are planning to be there. We were glad to have gotten a chance to cut our teeth some more.

Here’s a vid of the Saturday night post party scene..

June 26th, 2014

Here’s just something to brighten your day. Next spinnaker you buy better be colorful.


Episode two

June 1st, 2014

Pos,Sail, Boat, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points
1. 2372, Fly By Night, Alex Schultink, none, 2-2/SCP-2-2-3-[5]- ; 11
2. 2394, Downtown Uproar, Darren Cumming, none, [3]-3-3-3-1-2- ; 12
3. 4782, Rail to Rail, Richard Jepsen, stfyc, [8/DNC]-8/DNC-8/DNC-1-2-1- ; 20T
4. 513, Shut up & drive, Valentin Lulevich, OPBYC, 1-[8/DNF]-8/DNS-4-4-3- ; 20T
5. 2176, EVIL OCTOPUS, JASPER VAN VLIET, OPBYC, 5-[8/DNF]-1-6-5-4- ; 21
6. 1036, Flight, Randall Rasicot, RYC, 4-2-5-5-[6]-6- ; 22
7. 3316, woof, Wally Whittier, none, 6-4-4-[7]-7-7- ; 28

The results don’t really reflect how close the racing was yesterday. The race committee was nice enough to move the race much further north than last time and the winds, though high, were manageable. The first race was mostly run with Genoas, but everybody switched to the blade for races two and three. Rich joined the fun and again schooled everybody. Thank you sir. Bring it on. Alex had his top crew out. He had great speed and we noticed how flat he was sailing his boat. Too bad about the faulty spin pole. Randall had an excellent first start and rounded the first mark in second place. However a booboo made him hit the mark and put him out of contention. Val was sailing with four up and given that handicap did extremely well. Especially on the downwind legs. Woof was also four up. Their Pan Am was the best choice in the first race and gave them a lot of height and speed. Darren was very competitive all round. Good starts, good speed and good crew work. Considering that he had two more skippers as crew (get your own boats out) it was amazing that their communication did not fall apart!. As for Evil Octopus, we were OCS in the first. Brushed up against an Etchells spinnaker with our windex in the second forcing a two turn penalty. Finally had a good race in the third. We decided not to hoist the spinnaker due to relatively new crew and old spinnaker. By our calculation we lost on average five boat lengths on the run, but made up one of them each time by having killer leeward roundings. By the way, the starts were extremely tight. This fleet is really good.
Next month I would hope that some of us would be willing to sail over to SFYC after the racing for a drink and some awards. We sailed over there yesterday and got there before 4 pm.

Small Fleet series episode 1

May 5th, 2014

Six J24’s competed on Saturday in the first of three single day regattas hosted by the San Francisco Yacht Club and from our perspective is was a resounding success. As the video from Evil Octopus shows the racing was very close indeed. The wind was not too heavy until maybe the final race. But we had enough on our hands trying not to bump into eachother. EO hereby offers apologies to the fleet for clogging up the roundings with stalls, overrides, kite shrimpage, wipeouts and general mayhem. Thanks for not hitting us. A big thank you as well to all of you for letting us get a bullet on the last race. With Val out (broken gudgeon), Randall attempting the first leg without any headsail, Alex sailing with the genoa in over twenty knots, Darren sailing with undernourished crew and Wally starting late and deciding not to hoist we had a real chance at a medal, and we took it. Finally a special thank you to Jeff Zarwell for throwing up the AP flag just when we were pushed OCS by Woof and Shut Up.
Most of us retired to the bar at Richmond YC because that’s where we keep our boats, but we should plan a trip to SFYC to thank them for all their help. Just one small request::::: Please please please with sugar on top put the racecourse a little further north. I’m sure the melges’s enjoyed the bigger breeze, but for us we need less of it.
Here’s the blooper reel: