Small Fleet series episode 1

Six J24’s competed on Saturday in the first of three single day regattas hosted by the San Francisco Yacht Club and from our perspective is was a resounding success. As the video from Evil Octopus shows the racing was very close indeed. The wind was not too heavy until maybe the final race. But we had enough on our hands trying not to bump into eachother. EO hereby offers apologies to the fleet for clogging up the roundings with stalls, overrides, kite shrimpage, wipeouts and general mayhem. Thanks for not hitting us. A big thank you as well to all of you for letting us get a bullet on the last race. With Val out (broken gudgeon), Randall attempting the first leg without any headsail, Alex sailing with the genoa in over twenty knots, Darren sailing with undernourished crew and Wally starting late and deciding not to hoist we had a real chance at a medal, and we took it. Finally a special thank you to Jeff Zarwell for throwing up the AP flag just when we were pushed OCS by Woof and Shut Up.
Most of us retired to the bar at Richmond YC because that’s where we keep our boats, but we should plan a trip to SFYC to thank them for all their help. Just one small request::::: Please please please with sugar on top put the racecourse a little further north. I’m sure the melges’s enjoyed the bigger breeze, but for us we need less of it.
Here’s the blooper reel:

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