Episode two

Pos,Sail, Boat, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points
1. 2372, Fly By Night, Alex Schultink, none, 2-2/SCP-2-2-3-[5]- ; 11
2. 2394, Downtown Uproar, Darren Cumming, none, [3]-3-3-3-1-2- ; 12
3. 4782, Rail to Rail, Richard Jepsen, stfyc, [8/DNC]-8/DNC-8/DNC-1-2-1- ; 20T
4. 513, Shut up & drive, Valentin Lulevich, OPBYC, 1-[8/DNF]-8/DNS-4-4-3- ; 20T
5. 2176, EVIL OCTOPUS, JASPER VAN VLIET, OPBYC, 5-[8/DNF]-1-6-5-4- ; 21
6. 1036, Flight, Randall Rasicot, RYC, 4-2-5-5-[6]-6- ; 22
7. 3316, woof, Wally Whittier, none, 6-4-4-[7]-7-7- ; 28

The results don’t really reflect how close the racing was yesterday. The race committee was nice enough to move the race much further north than last time and the winds, though high, were manageable. The first race was mostly run with Genoas, but everybody switched to the blade for races two and three. Rich joined the fun and again schooled everybody. Thank you sir. Bring it on. Alex had his top crew out. He had great speed and we noticed how flat he was sailing his boat. Too bad about the faulty spin pole. Randall had an excellent first start and rounded the first mark in second place. However a booboo made him hit the mark and put him out of contention. Val was sailing with four up and given that handicap did extremely well. Especially on the downwind legs. Woof was also four up. Their Pan Am was the best choice in the first race and gave them a lot of height and speed. Darren was very competitive all round. Good starts, good speed and good crew work. Considering that he had two more skippers as crew (get your own boats out) it was amazing that their communication did not fall apart!. As for Evil Octopus, we were OCS in the first. Brushed up against an Etchells spinnaker with our windex in the second forcing a two turn penalty. Finally had a good race in the third. We decided not to hoist the spinnaker due to relatively new crew and old spinnaker. By our calculation we lost on average five boat lengths on the run, but made up one of them each time by having killer leeward roundings. By the way, the starts were extremely tight. This fleet is really good.
Next month I would hope that some of us would be willing to sail over to SFYC after the racing for a drink and some awards. We sailed over there yesterday and got there before 4 pm.

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