Long Beach Race Week – Western Regionals- June 28/29

Evil Octopus made the road trip to Long Beach for the famous LBRW regatta which happened to be our western regionals this year.

Started off with a bang (aka bullet minus 1) and then whimper, moan, grunt and whimper.
Great venue, but tricky to read the light and shifty winds.
Great team, but first time really racing in these positions together.
Big road trip, made more exciting when the trailer came detached 100 yds short of the freeway.
And stiff Mt Gay cocktails, but not free.

No excuses though, Evil Octopus is getting ready for Nationals in May. And many of these top tier boats are planning to be there. We were glad to have gotten a chance to cut our teeth some more.

Here’s a vid of the Saturday night post party scene..

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