Winter update

Yes, here is our fearless leader Richard Stockdale on the iconic “Froglips” This was at the RegattaPro Winter Onedesign regatta. Richard had the genius to go right in the second race and took advantage of the current switch to bag the race. A few boats followed him there but none could catch him. Conditions were pretty much perfect as you can tell from the pictures.

Please ask around for us: We are in need of charter boats and housing for out of town sailors for the Nationals and WR’s combined in May. Now is the time to start planning for that. We have had multiple inquiries from as far away as Texas. Seattle boats and SoCal boats are coming too. We expect at least 8 but possibly much more. These will be the best sailors on the west coast. Some crews are like many of our crews: excellent sailors competing on a shoestring. Wouldn’t want it any other way but let’s see if we can welcome them in the best way possible.
Changing topics again. This year’s Fleet Banquet and awards party was attended by 47 people. That’s a modern day record I’m sure. New partnerships were forged. Darren was lauded as season winner. Alex was most outstanding second, Val had the best praise for the fleet calling 2014 the best season ever. A quick skippers meeting brought a few things to to the forefront:
1 We loved the many ‘single day’ regattas thanks to SFYC’s efforts. So we definitely want to do that again.
2 We are considering shortening the season by removing the first and last month.
3 We have some conflicting regattas coming on back to back weekends in spring and in August, (And May of course).
4 We are considering doing a regatta in the Alameda Estuary (preferably a two dayer to make the commute worthwhile)
5 We are considering a parallel party circuit type of thing: Pick 3 regattas that at least a core of boats commit to and that make it attractive for casual J24’s to come and compete. Would love your input on all of this.
Also, don’t forget about the Berkeley Midwinters. Froglips, TMC and Evil Octopus were there last Sunday and had a close battle.

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