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Italian J/24 Fleet Spring Report

April 15, 2017

The Italian J/24 fleets have been running various championship series over the past few weeks. In Marina di Carrara, they completed their spring series, and in Valmadrera, they completed their winter series. Here are their latest reports. Marina di Carrara: With the last six races taking place on Saturday and Sunday, the final weekend of races for the Marina di Carrara Spring Championship saw 10 teams competing for class honors on the “Gulf of Poets.” This time, ITA 215 owned by Vincenzo Mercuri and skippered by James Del Nero won four races that allowed them to close with event with the overall win with just 16 points in 12 races. In second place was ITA 212 JAMAICA skippered by Pietro Diamanti with 21 points. Following in third place, was ENG 202 TALLY HO owned by Roberta Banfo and skippered by Luca Macchiarini with 30 points total. Fourth overall was ITA 449 RAZORBILL sailed by Giuseppe Simonelli, and fifth was ITA 173 VIOLENTE
Valmadrera-Lago di Como: At the end of the first five races held between Saturday and Sunday, the provisional standings saw ITA 503 KONG GRIFONE, skippered by Marco Stefanoni leading the event with three bullets and just 5 points in five races. Sitting in second place is ITA 469 BRUSCHETTA skippered by Sergio Agostoni just two points back. And, 5 points further in arrears in third place is Mauro del Lario Benfatto on his ITA 352 PILGRIM with 10 points. “I want to thank the sponsor, the Circolo Vela Tivano and all owners for the two wonderful days of sailing on Lago di Como,” commented del Lario Benfatto. “We are looking forward to a great series with seven more weekends of sailing this summer!” For more Italian J/24 Class information, visit

National J/24 Italy Circuit Report

April 13, 2017

Sailing off the port of Anzio & Nettuno, southwest of Rome, a fleet of 24 J/24s took part in the first installment of their five-event Italian J/24 National Championship. After seven races in the three-day series, it was the LA SUPERBA team from the Italian Navy that won the event by a landslide scoreline of six firsts and one second. Their team was comprised of skipper Ignazio Bonanno and crew of Simone Billete, Alfredo Branciforte, Francesco Picaro and Vincenzo Vano. “On the first day, the weak wind allowed just two races. Then, on Saturday, characterized by winds up to 15 knots and big waves, we completed four races. Unfortunately, on Sunday, after one race we had to get back to shore because of the strong storm,” explained the President of the Italian Class J24 Pietro Diamanti. “In the name of all competitors, I want to thank the race committee chaired by Anna Sargenti, always friendly and a star of our Class. Thanks also to Michele Micalizzi who, assisted by Francesco Facci, presided over the protest committee.” The winners of the first and last races was ITA 447 PELLE NERA, sailed by Paolo Cecamore and skippered by the Hungarian Farkas Litkey; they took second place with 17 points. Third was Diamanti’s JAMAICA with 22 points total. Rounding out the top five were Massimo Mariotti’s AVOLTORE (skippered by Francesco Cruciani) with 27 points in fourth position, and in fifth place was Vincenzo Mercuri’s MOLLICONA (helmed by Angelo Crepoli) with 35 points. With this victory, the crew of LA SUPERBA are also qualified for the 2018 J/24 World Championship in Riva del Garda on Lago di Garda. For more Italian J/24 Class information, visit

Registration is Open for the 2017 J/24 European Championship

April 3, 2017

The enthusiastic Hungarian J/24 racers are excited to look forward to the J/24 European Championship to be held in Hungary between 24 September and 1 October, 2017. The preparation of the event is followed by active interest: several teams from Germany, England, Italy, Sweden and France already expressed their will to participate. Europe’s most beautiful lake and a great J/24 family are looking forward to welcoming all of you in Hungary at the 2017 European Championship! Registration is now open. Don’t miss the deadline for early bird registration, which will close on May 31. The schedule and the Notice of Race are available at Online registration is at

Eight Bells: Reid Stava

April 2, 2017

It is with great sorrow that the J/24 Class Association shares the news of Reid Stava’s passing on Saturday, March 25. He passed away at a cancer center in Rochester, New York. Reid loved J/24s and was a well-known supporter of the Class with his willingness to assist in providing technical information, including measuring and serving as a race officer at many District 7 regattas. He most recently served as the USJCA Technical Chair. Reid was highly respected by his peers in the Class and will be greatly missed. Reid’s obituary is available at

J/24 Italy Spring Report

April 1, 2017

Lario Report: With a brace of victories in the six races completed over the weekend, Ruggero Spreafico’s DEJA VU took the final stage and won the Lario Winter Series Championship. “Over the weekend, with the splendid organization of the Navy League of Mandello, we give thanks to all the competitors for the six races carried out between Saturday and Sunday,” explained Chief of the Lario J/24 fleet Mauro del Lario Benfatto. “DEJA VU outsailed her fierce competition from ITA 352 PILGRIM that took second place and also over Marco Stefanoni’s KONG GRIFFIN in third place. Fourth for the series was Sergio Agostoni’s ITA 469 BRUSCHETTA, and fifth went to Giuseppe Perego’s ITA 458 BELFAGOR. Next is the City of Valmadrera Cup that will be sailed on April 8-9.”

Taranto Report: The FIVE FOR FIGHTING team (sailed by Tommaso De Bellis Vitti, Elia Masi, Andrea Airò) won the final, 17th race of the City of Taranto’s Winter Series. As a result, the final ranking of the team was just 14 points net, essentially counting all first places. They were followed by the ITA 427 JEBEDEE crew of Luca Gaglione, Nino Soriano, Remo Soriano, Vittorio Renzi, Silvio Tullo and Daniele Sicari that had a total of 24 points. Taking third for the series was ITA 406 DOCTOR J sailed by Sandro Negro from CN L’Approdo Porto Cesareo with a total of 38 points net. In fourth and fifth place, were ITA 301 LITTLE DEVIL sailed by Ferdinand Capobianco and ENG 450 MARBEA sailed by Marcello Bellacicca and Tony Macina, respectively.

Portoferraio Report: BE BEEF, sailed by Henry Gambelunghe (Porto Azzurro Sailing Club), won the second edition of the Elbe Winter Cup, the offshore racing championship organized by the Yacht Club Portoferraio. “After the conclusion of the last race of the Elbe Winter Cup, the participating boats seemed still in the race while under sail back down to the harbor, parading in front of so many citizens who were enjoying the boardwalk and the spring-time weather,” commented the Commodore of YC Portoferraio. “Thanks to the J/24 sailors, the Championship has amused everyone, motivated people to come down to the waterfront, see new faces involved, and give everyone a wonderful savory Sunday afternoon stroll along the waterfront to view the pretty J/24s and their spinnakers. It is truly colorful poetry in motion as they majestically passed by us on the watefront!” On the final day, characterized by summer-like conditions, the sirocco winds of between 6-8 knots saw the fleet fight hard for clean air to get to the windward mark offshore (normally, a downwind run). When they rounded the mark, the fleet set their spinnakers and headed back to the finish line in a procession. In the evening, the final awards party included the music of “Ru’lot” group, a fabulous pasta buffet, and delicious local wines and cheeses. The first three teams won awards made by “Ceramics on the Water” by Laura Valleri, plus silver plates offered by the jeweler Stefano Giannini.

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Italian J/24 Fleets Start 2017 Summer Series

March 19, 2017

Marina di Carrara: In the “Gulf of Poets,” two days of great sailing have taken place. For the 10 teams sailing off the breakwater of the Marina di Carrara, six races were held. One team is dominating the proceedings—ITA 215 MOLLICONA, sailed by Vincenzo Mercuri and James Del Nero, compiled a 2-1-1-5-2-1 for just 7 points net. Despite their excellent record, just two points back is Italian J/24 Class President Pietro Diamanti, sailing ITA 212 JAMAICA to a 1-2-4-1-3-2 tally for 9 points net. Sitting in third is IRA 202 TALLY HO, sailed by Roberta Banfo and Luca Macchiarini. “We had two beautiful days of sailing and sun during which we sailed six good races,” commented Diamanti. “All crews were very happy. A big thank you to all those who worked on the Race Committee for their most excellent race management.”

Pare Valmadrera/ Lario: With three victories in six races, there are no questions that ITA 503 KONG GRIFONE sailed by Marco Stefani has a narrow lead in their series; their tally so far is 1-1-2-1-2-3 for 7 points. However, keeping close tabs on them is Roger Spreafico’s ITA 476 DEJA VU, posting scores of 3-2-1-3-1-1 for just 8 points. Sitting in third position is Mauro Benfatto’s ITA 352 with 15 points. “It was amazing racing over the two days on the lake water of Parè Valmadrera. Plus, we had admirable organization by the Circolo Vela Tivano; they deserve a big thanks from the Fleet,” commented Mauro Benfatto. “The next stage is scheduled for March 25-26 at the Navy League of Mandello del Lario. Here we will designate the winner of our series in Lario.”

Anzio & Nettuno/ Rome: The Roman J/24 fleet concluded their Trofeo Roberto Lozzi series with a flourish; four races were held over the weekend, two on Saturday and two on Sunday. It was ITA 416 LA SUPERBA that won the series; she was skippered by Ignazio Bonanno and crewed by Simone Tarjeta, Alfredo Branciforte, and Francesco and Vincenzo Picaro. Sailing faster and smarter all series long was the Hungarian team on HUN 1622 JUKE BOX; their crew was Miklòs Rauschenberger, Balmaz Litkey, Tamas Peter, Akos Pecsvaradi and Tamas Richter. “On Saturday, we had a nice strong wind of 18 knots,” explained Federico Miccio. “In fact, by the time we started racing it was gusting up to 25 knots. Loving the 100% blade jib conditions were the Hungarians on JUKE BOX, they posted a 1-2 on Saturday’s racing. Then on Sunday, we were presented with totally different conditions. There was no sirocco wind as forecasted; instead, we had a light breeze of 5-6 knots, true 150% genoa conditions. The conditions were a bit crazy. In fact, on the first race we had a 70-degree shift to the south (from the original easterly direction), so the teams on the right side of the course simply sailed away into the lead.” In particular, ITA 40 ALBA CHIARA, skippered by Stefano Ventures (with crew of Raffaele Venditto, Alessandro de Julio, Luciano Tricarico and Eugenio Aurisicchio) won the race, followed by ITA 447 PELLE NERO (with the Hungarian Farkas Litkey steering) in second and JUKE BOX in third place. With the wind now positioned at 190 degrees, the RC started the last race of the series. Winning was ITA 447 PELLE NERO followed by ITA 210 JULIUS CAESAR, then JUKE BOX. As a result, the final standings for the series was LA SUPERBA first with 21 points, followed by PELLE NERO in second with 37 points and JUKE BOX in third with 38 points. Rounding out the top five were ITA 428 PELLE ROZ in fourth with 80 points and JULIUS CAESAR in fifth with 86 points. “This year, both the Trofeo Lozzi and the Series gave us many surprises,” commented Miccio. “Not only did we have the honor to host the Hungarian crew that won the Trofeo Lozzi, but Farkas Litkey was able to give the crew of LA SUPERBA a hard time for the series. It was the first time any team had challenged them so hard for the top of the podium. This is a great sign that our fleet is getting more competitive, and we hope that will show in the upcoming J/24 European Championship in the home waters for the Hungarians- Lake Balaton.” For more Italian J/24 fleet information, visit

Italy J/24 Winter Series Update: VIGNE SURRAU Wins Sardinia Series

March 11, 2017

Eleven teams participated in the waters off the port of Puntaldia in the municipality of San Teodoro for the winter series finale. After 12 exciting races, the team on VIGNE SURRAU from Circolo Nautico Arzachena ended up winning the winter series in Sardinia. Also on the podium in second and third, respectively, were ITA 460 BOTTA DRITTA owned & skippered by Mariolino Fraietta and ITA 431 LNI CARLOFORTE sailed by David Gorgerino. “The wind remained fairly constant, with an intensity of 10-12 knots with a few gusts,” said Pietro Sanna. “On both days, there was a greater wind pressure on the left side of the playing field, so much so that even with windshifts going right, the left still paid off! The victory of VIGNE SURRAU was far from obvious given the competition, but they managed to prevail in the end.” For more Italian J/24 winter series information, visit

Linda Tillman

March 8, 2017

Thank you to Jim Farmer for the following: We were recently saddened by the news of the death of Linda Tillman on February 28 in Florida. She was a super person and, with her husband, Dick, a huge force behind the success of the J/24 Class in the 1970s and 80s. I first met Linda and Dick at a regatta in Jacksonville, Florida in 1986. I was new to sailing and the J/24 Class and wanted to start a fleet at our local sailing club. Linda was the person who helped me with my project. She always greeted me with that big smile and welcoming attitude. She made all of us feel as though our questions were the most important. I never heard her complain although I am sure she had the opportunity after dealing with all of us sailors! While Dick was the Executive Director, Linda ran the office and put together the Class magazine. And what a magazine it was. We all looked forward to the next edition for all the photos and race results and articles. We miss that magazine. The Class at that time grew to over 1,800 members in the USA! We owe a huge “Thank You” to her for the work she did to make the J/24 Class the best one in the world. Her big smile and positive attitude made working with her a pleasure. She was instrumental in building the early foundation of the J/24 Class. We have great memories of this fantastic person! Godspeed Linda Tillman. We will miss you. You touched many lives through sailing, and we appreciate it.

Italian J/24 Class Continues Winter Series

March 7, 2017

Taranto: The FIVE FOR FIGHTING team continues to lead their winter series in Taranto, led by their crew of Thomas De Bellis Vitti, Elia Masi and skipper Andrea Airò. Thanks to another trio of victories in three races, they have consolidated their position as overall leaders after a total of 16 races with just 13 points total. Chasing them in second overall, but with not enough time left in the year to catch them, is JEBEDEE skippered by Luca Gaglione and owned by Nino Soriano (they have 22 points total). Sitting in third with 34 points is DOCTOR J with helmsman-owner Sandro Negro guiding his team around the course. Rounding out the series top five are Marcello Bellacicca’s MARBEA with 59 points sitting in fourth place and Ferdinand Capobianco’s LITTLE DEVIL in fifth with 61 points. There are just two weekends left for sailing, so no one is expecting the top five to change very much at the end of the series.

Sardinia: In the Puntaldia fleet, 11 crews are participating in the waters off the port of Puntaldia. Three weekends of racing have now been completed. According to Marco Frulio, “Three races were held with very fickle winds that changed from the north to the west, with gusts that swept the race course. The race committee, composed of Sandro Ricetto, Pietro Sanna, Karin Paternost, Carlo Puddu and Teodoro Salvatore Corda, were able to conduct three good races. As a result, it was very difficult for the crews to establish the favored side of the course. Difficult for everyone, that is, except for VIGEN SURRAU skippered by Aurelio Bini that managed to post a 2-1-1 to rule the day!” As a result, the current series standings have VIGNE SURRAU in first followed by NORD’ESTE in second, CARLOFORTE in third, BOOMERANG in fourth and STRAIGHT BOTTA in fifth place.
Roma/Anzio & Nettuno: This past weekend saw the end of the winter series for the Roman fleet that sails out of Anzio & Nettuno. The Italian Navy team of LA SUPERBA (skippered by Ignazio Bonanno with crew in Simone Billette, Branciforte Alfredo, Francesco and Vincenzo Picaro) again winning overall. It was a nine-weekend series with many top crews competing. Taking second overall was the Hungarian crew of JUKE BOXING, comprised of Miklòs Rauschenberger, Balmaz Litkey, Tamas Peter Akos Pecsvaradi and Tamas Richter. Third overall in the series was another crew that featured top Hungarian helmsmen or tacticians—PELLE NERO owned by Paul Cecamore from Nettuno YC. While Farkas Litkey (a Soling World Champion) did not skipper the last weekend, it was Hungarian National J/24 Champion Gabor who guided them onto the podium. The rest of the top five included PELLE ROZ in fourth place, skippered by Gianni Riccobono with Sergio Strippoli on tactics. Fifth place was Peter Max Noons’ JULIUS CAESAR. According to Federico Miccio from JUMPING JACK FLASH, “A weak wind initially delayed the start by an hour on the last weekend of the series. But, it still allowed the largest J/24 fleet of Italy to sail two more compelling races, much to the delight of everyone on this final weekend. We were lucky since it was such a shifty breeze!” “It was a Sunday characterized by little wind that continued to shift,” explained LA SUPERBA’s skipper Ignazio Bonanno. “Immediately after the first general recall, the Committee raised the black flag. At this point, our strategy was not to win the weekend, but to win the series by keeping our margin of 9 points over JUKE BOXING. We wanted to risk as little as possible against these ferocious competitors. Thank goodness, we got a third and second, and we knew we had mathematically won the winter series. We are very satisfied with our performance against such top-notch, world-class competitors. The Hungarian crews are strong, fast and smart. Now our goal is to win the first regatta of the Italian J/24 National Circuit to be held at Anzio from March 31 to April 2. The regatta provides the winner the bonus award of being the first qualifier for the 2018 J/24 Worlds in Italy.”
Cervia: MAGICAL FAIRY continued to consolidate their lead in Cervia’s winter series. With a 1-1-2 for the weekend, the team of owner Viscardo Brusori and helmsman Massimo Frigerio on MAGICAL FAIRY hold a commanding lead. However, CAPTAIN NEMO that is co-owned by Domenico Brighi and Guido Guadagni rose to second place in the series standings after nine races after posting a first in the second race of the day. As a result, third in the series is KERMESSE sailed by Marco Maccaferri, fourth is KISMET sailed by Francesca Focardi Antonelli and fifth is Mauro Martelli. The Cervia Winter Series Championship has three more weekends of racing in March.
Portoferraio/Elba: On a beautiful spring day and almost cloudless sky, it took a long time for the wind to build up to 5 knots so that a race could be started for the fleet. Finally, at 1122 hrs, regatta PRO Alexander Altini fired off the first gun of the day. The race had a starting line off Scoglietto, and the first mark was 1.5nm in the channel of Piombino. The shifty NW wind made for an exciting first, and only, race. Despite a thrilling duel to the finish, Enrico Gambelunghe’s BE’BEEF had to settle for a second place. The PRO Altini tried twice more to get races going, but the fickle winds would not cooperate. Smiles and good humor were not lacking in the post-race festivities ashore. Crews were treated to a delicious pasta dish with fish in the headquarters of the Italian Navy League “The Grigolo,” where President Alexander Schezzini wanted to extend a special “thank you” to the regatta PRO Altini for his valiant efforts to get in good races for the local Elba J/24 fleet.
Lake Garda: The Lake Garda J/24 fleet saw Louis Gozzo’s JAM declared the Winter Champion on Lake Garda after a close series. Fifteen crews took part in the series, hosted by Circolo Nautico Brenzone. After a total of eight races on the lake, the victory went to Gozzo’s crew thanks to a consistent series score of 3-1-1-6-2-3-1-5 for just 11 points net. However, their win was not an easy one as DEJA VU won the last race of the series to close to just one point off the overall lead. Third place went to J-OC owned and skippered by Fabio Apollonio (Fleet Captain of the Garda J/24 fleet).
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2017 Swedish Open

February 25, 2017

Class Rules Approved by World Sailing

February 21, 2017

The 2017 IJCA Class Rules have been approved by World Sailing and are now posted on the Class Rules page at The effective date is March 1, 2017. Thank you to Tim Winger and the International Technical Committee!

Tim Winger Awarded US Sailing’s Harman Hawkins Trophy

February 20, 2017

A remarkable list of sailing’s most accomplished contributors received high honors during the February 15 US Sailing Awards Dinner at the Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol in Austin, Texas. US Sailing recognized these esteemed award winners for their extraordinary achievements in support of sailing in the United States. The awards dinner is a featured event at US Sailing’s 2017 National Conference. Tim Winger (Lancaster, PA) was awarded the Harman Hawkins Trophy for his contributions to race administration as a measurer and equipment inspector. Winger sustained a passion for the J/24 the first time he saw one, and he has been sailing and working on J/24s ever since. He has exerted a major influence on the Class for over 30 years. Winger has held numerous positions related to J/24 sailing, including event measurer at seven of the 20 J/24 World Championships he has attended, District Governor for the J/24 US Class Association, and member of the Executive Committee of the International J/24 Class Association, where he currently serves as Chair of the Technical Committee. Perhaps his most significant achievement was the effort he led to rewrite the Class Rules and the modifications required to gain World Sailing’s approval – a project that ultimately took over three years. “The people behind the scenes make it possible for us to control the equipment and develop the tools and procedures for enforcement of the Rules,” said Winger. “Thank you to US Sailing for supporting the sport we all love.” An International Measurer (IM) since 2008, Winger has measured hundreds of boats at venues all over the world. His wife, Marie, often travels with him and shares in the measurement work. “Between us, we’ve seen the bottoms of more J/24s than anyone in the word,” added Winger. Alex Finsterbusch, an IM from Argentina, said, “One of his many abilities is to recognize what your strengths are as an inspector. He always had the right guy in the right position. He is always calm, never loses his cool and is polite to sailors, coaches and everybody involved in the regatta.” Read the entire US Sailing update at

CARISMA Tops J/24 Yucatan Regata de Amigos

February 7, 2017

Jorge Ojeda and friends continue to have a great time sailing in their local fleet of J/24s in the Yucatan. The “Regatta of Friends 2017″ hosted by the J/24 Yucatan Fleet was a good weekend for sailing with changing winds and unusual wind directions. The fleet started off racing with 10 knots of breeze, but soon it grew fast to 20-30 knots. For the fleet of nine boats, it was extremely exciting racing offshore. Congratulations to the team of CARISMA, skippered by Tomas Dutton, that sailed to a 1-4-1 for 6 points. Taking second was FILIBUSTERO just one point behind them, and third was the VENDAVAL crew with 12 points based on a 2-5-5 tally. For more Yucatan J/24 Fleet information, visit their Facebook page.

LA SUPERBA Leads Italian J/24 Winter Series

In the seventh stage of the 42nd Winter Championship, the fleet was able to enjoy two good races in adverse weather and sea conditions. Leading this particular event was the J/24 Raggio Verde di Savastano. “The day started with no wind and an annoying residual air from the Southeast. The arrival at 1400 hrs of a light breeze from the west that rarely touched 7 knots, allowed the race committee (chaired by Mario de Grenet) to run two good races,” explained Federico Miccio of JUMPING JACK FLASH. The big story of the regatta was the performance by ITA 191 Raggio Verde di Savastano skippered by Carmelo Savastano with Francesco Linares on tactics. They were followed by top Hungarian crew HUN 162 JUKE BOXING skippered by Miklos Rauschenberger, and in third place by the top Italian Navy crew Ignazio Bonanno’s LA SUPERBA. The overall winter championship standings show that Bonanno’s LA SUPERBA (with crew of Simone Scontrino, Alfredo Branciforte, Francesco Picaro and Vincenzo Vano) are still leading the series with just 11 points. Sitting in second is ITA 447 PELLE NERO owned by Paul Cecamore and skippered by Hungarian Farkas Litkey with 22 points total. In third is PELLE ROSSA owned by Gianni Riccobono and skippered by Sergio Strippoli with 42 points. For more Italian J/24 Winter information, visit

2017 J/24 North American Championship registration is open

January 20, 2017

The Houston Yacht Club, located in Shoreacres, Texas, invites you to participate in the 2017 J/24 North American Championship. The regatta will be sailed on the waters of Galveston Bay from May 25-28. The Notice of Race is available, and registration is open. Visit for complete details, including lodging information, storage of boats in advance of the regatta, chartering and more.

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