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Will Welles Commands J/24 US National Championship

May 15, 2016

Great South Bay challenged the J/24 US National Championship teams on Sunday with sustained winds in the mid-20s, gusts in the low 30s and large waves by the day’s third and final race. Fortunately for Will Welles and his team (Chris Morgan, Monica Morgan, Jeff Linton and Todd McGuire), they were already back on shore, able to discard their 10th race score after wrapping up the title by then with 22 points. The Newport, RI-based helmsman counted all top three finishes until a seven in race nine, but the team was comfortably ahead of the 39 teams representing the United States, Argentina, Canada, Chile and Mexico. The balance of the top five battled tightly until the end with Carter White earning the silver position (43 points), Chile’s Matias Seguel the bronze (47 points), with John Mollicone in fourth (48 points) and Argentina’s Nicolas Cubria in fifth (52 points). Sunday’s race winners at Saville Yacht Club in Blue Point, NY were Cubria, Mollicone and Travis Odenbach.
Top Five:
1) Will Welles, Will, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, 3, 2, 7, [40/DNC] = 22
2) Carter White, 5, 1, 4, [15/10%], 2, 3, 5, 11/20%, 5, 7 = 43
3) Matias Seguel, 10, 8, [11], 8, 1, 4, 2, 4, 3, 7/10% = 47
4) John Mollicone, 11, 10, 3, 4, 4, 6, 7, [18/20%], 1, 2 = 48
5) Nicolas Cubria, 3, 3, [17], 1, 5, 14, 1, 1, 15/10%, 9 = 52
Qualifying to represent the US at the 2017 J/24 World Championship in Canada are: Travis Odenbach, Alfred Constants, Ron Medlin, Aidan Glackin, Tom Doran. Complete results may be found by clicking here, and photos are available on the J/24 Class Facebook page.

J/24 HAWKEYE Wins Barbados Boatyard Cup

May 14, 2016

Team HAWKEYE won the Boatyard J/24 Regatta including crew Colin Symes, Jaime Ward, Eddie Cheeseman, Charles Allen and Annika Povey. Burke’s IMPULSE crew, finishing just one point back, placed second with 8 points. Mayers’ ESPERANZA won the first race and finished in third place with 9 points. How does the Boatyard Bar & Restaurant/Suzuki Marine/Carter’s Fisherman’s Corner National Championship series look like going into the next series of races? BUNGA BUNGA’s Mr. Gloumeau is winning. Their performances in the Tiki Bar and Massy Stores Regattas are keeping them in the hunt. With Gloumeau’s crew on BUNGA BUNGA currently leading by just 2 points, it’s Mayers’ ESPERANZA in second place. Behind them, it’s Povey’s HAWKEYE tied with Burke’s IMPULSE on 13 points each and just one point back is Tindale’s COLLEGE FUND$ in fifth place. For more Barbados J/24 Sailing information, visit

J/24 Wins ORC/IRC Trofeo Challenger Armatore Costa d’Argento

May 13, 2016

The coveted Trofeo Challenger Armatore Costa d’Argento was won overall by the J/24 AVOLTORE sailed by her owner Massimo Mariotti (member of Circolo Nautico and Vela Argentario). They won the IRC Category and also finished second overall in the ORC ranking after a fierce battle with the Grand Soleil 46 Pierservice Luduan sailed by fellow club member Enrico de Crescenzo (CNdVA). “This year, my club with other major Argentario clubs (the Yacht Club Santo Stefano and the Circolo della Vela Talamone) established the Trofeo Challenger Armatore Costa d’Argento which included three offshore races: Caravaggio Trophy race held on 19 and 20 March; Pasquavela held from March 26 to 28 at YCSS; and the Royal Trophy Deans of Spain held from April 9 to 10,” explained Massimo Mariotti. “The battle, since the first race, the Trophy Caravaggio, was between Pierservice Luduan and Avoltore. While Pierservice Luduan won regularly on elapsed time, Avoltore emerged on several occasions at the top of standings on corrected time. After Pasquavela, Avoltore led the ORC ranking by 0.5 points. So, it was the third, and final, event that would make the difference. The first day of the Royal Trophy Deans of Spain saw Pierservice Luduan beat Avoltore for just 37 seconds on corrected time. Therefore, the two teams were playing for all the marbles in the second and final day. The first day of the Royal Trophy Deans of Spain was a 20nm race around four offshore buoys, characterized by all possible winds (the sirocco to the mistral) that, for a few hours, blew with great intensity. The crews, in fact, were heavily engaged in a game of tactics to make the most of the winds. At first, fighting in light winds (from the southeast between 5-7 knots) and then, after a strong wind shift (towards Northeast, gusting to 20 knots), we were forced to maneuver quickly and make rapid sail changes.” Mariotti continued to say, “Sunday, however, the race was about 30 miles from Porto Santo Stefano to Giannutri (the island tour) and arriving in Porto Ercole (basically a downwind run before passing Giannutri, then a beat to Cala Galera). Unfortunately, Avoltore stumbled in the wind shadow of the small isle of Hercules (near the finish), and the end result of the day was less brilliant as could be. Certainly, the race with the larger boats offshore completely changes the tactics of the race and is less strenuous but no less fun than racing between one-designs. Sailing offshore tests true navigation, it’s a bit more relaxed, and you are sailing in the beautiful sea of Argentario. Aboard Avoltore was our crew of Lorenzo Sclano, Alessandro Pucci, Marianna Buzzetti and myself at the helm. I wish to emphasize that Alexander (about 25 years) and Marianna (about 17 years), who were sailing the J/24 for the first time ever, were absolutely superb! The J/24 has behaved very well with all speeds and on all occasions, impressing opponents (especially, those sailing “big boats”) for its versatility and for the brilliant achievements! Thank you Rod Johnstone, amazing boat, even today!” For Trofeo Challenger Armatore Costa d’Argento sailing information, visit

Italian J/24 National Circuit Act II

Act II of the Italian J/24 National Circuit was organized as part of the City of Livorno Sailing Week, in collaboration with the Sailing Section of the Italian Naval Academy. The regatta took place from April 22-25. Hometown boys from the Italian Naval Academy won: Ignazio Bonanno’s crew on LA SUPERBA (Simone Tarjeta, Picaro Francesco, Vincenzo and Francesco Linares), winning four races in route to a dominating win. Second was JAMAICA skippered by the President of the Italian J/24 Class, Pietro Diamanti sailing with crew of Giuseppe Diamanti, Fabrizio Ginesi, Giuseppe Garofalo and Paul Ruleto. Third was Team VALHALLA HOTEL VERONA skippered by Fabio De Rossi with crew of Enrico Perbellini, Carlo Tomelleri, David Davì and Ivan Venturi. After the stalemate of the first day, marked by the strong weather pattern that swept across the coast (heavy rain, strong wind and wave on the beam made it impossible to leave from the Marina San Leopoldo), the next two days provided spectacular sailing for four races. The Race Committee was chaired by Nicholas Cirella, assisted by Ettore Paris and Corrado Guelfi. The awards ceremony took place at La Rotonda Circle within the Naval Academy area. “We are very pleased to have contributed to the realization of this classic event for the Italian J/24 class,” commented Fabrizio Monacci, President of the LNI Livorno. During the award ceremony, it was stressed with pleasure the growing interest of many young people to the J/24 Class: the young Isaac Lami distributed information for their team ITA 100 Junior Under 30 Team from the Club Nautico Cervia. The next stage of the Italian J/24 Class will be organized by the Club Nautico Marina di Carrara from May 26-29 (

2016 MONJON J24 Victorian State Titles – The Balmy Regatta

May 7, 2016

'Stompin' John Neville rounds ahead of the Black Prince‘Stompin’ John Neville rounds ahead of the Black Prince

True to recent form, the real regatta results centred around who would come second, sad really, but the Black Prince is supreme, almost untouchable. I say ‘almost’ because he is, ‘Mr J24′ Hugo Ottaway creamed one off him and ‘Stompin’ John Neville almost did.

In the challenging lighter conditions National Champion ‘Pacemaker’, skippered by David Suda (aka The Black Prince of Sandringham’), sailed what could be described as his best ever regatta. Despite an uncharacteristically larger number of average to poor starts, the Prince silently slipped through the fleet to record a perfect score after the drop. Many thought it would be game over from a position like that however, with great boat speed and excellent tactics it didn’t seem to matter. “Did you see him go past?”, asks my crew, “no, must have gone the other way up or down”, “which way was that?” they ask, “well not the way we went, that’s for sure”. We had a bad regatta.

So who did come second. Well he isn’t a J sailor, none of the crew are J sailors, but they are all bloody good, 49er and top dinghy sailors. Michah Shuwalow is the SYC club coach – seems he knows his stuff. Simon lent his spare boat ‘Make My Jay’ to get him on the water and told him to sail it like a dinghy – looks like that worked !  MMJ might be worth just that little bit more – better rewrite the ad !

Michah Shuwalow  - 2nd overall in Make My JayMichah Shuwalow – 2nd overall in Make My Jay

And third, collecting the bronze medallions was a resurging Hugo Ottaway ‘Mr 24′, consistent across the regatta and absolutely blitzing Dave in race 3, could have made the Princes’ pedestal a bit wobbly right there Hugo.

This year’s 2016 Monjon Victorian State title saw 20 entries including two from South Australia and two from New South Wales. The depth of talent included past national champions and multiple runners up all vying for a top finish. In true J 24 spirit the regatta began with many boats not passing the maximum crew weight of 400 kgs, (the Jet crew lost 10kg in the last week before) of particular amusement was Brendan Lee running up and down Beach Road wrapped in a plastic garbage bag.

Day one and I was somewhat alarmed to see the measurer (Mr J24) walking down the marina armed with a pair of bolt cutters and blatantly cutting the life lines off an offending yacht – not as alarmed as the owner !  However it was quickly fixed and then ready to sail, despite the concerns of the owner.

The weather range was from 0 to 15 knots with direction the full 360 degrees, fortunately this settled, however there was no consistent pattern making it a fresh challenge every race. With lighter winds, some awkward slop at times and an often tight 20 boat fleet, clear lanes were not easily found, so back in the pack quickly meant further back.

This year we saw new faces in the front pack with Michah Shuwalow second overall and Stephen Byrne in ‘Code Violation’ scoring a 2 & 4 in the last two heats. The race for the minor places was tight with one point between second and third and three points between fourth and sixth. Of special note was the performance of ‘Stompin’ John Neville and crew on Vice Versa, finishing 5th, who made a rush just to get to the start line after repairs from a major collision several weeks prior. They were a regular appearance at the front of the pack only losing one race to Suda on the line. John has become a class stalwart in Melbourne, always with a quip and a smile and soon to take on the running of the Vic Assn from ‘Wee Dougie’ who has done an immense and amazing job of running the association for the past 3 years. We will miss the briefing and presentation speeches from Doug. but as you all know, ‘Stompin’ John has his own brand of humour and presentation. Never a dull moment in Melbourne !

Who could have imagined a couple of hours waiting for wind on Sunday morning at the ‘Balmy Regatta’. Don’t know who started it but we have a new light weather sport – ‘Boat Ball’. With all the boats milling around a small ball is being thrown from boat to boat, some catch it and some don’t, which means a boat scramble to pick it up. Hours of aimless fun in the sun with many dipping into their attitude adjuster supplies – well what the hell, we may not even get to race. But we did.


Boat Ball is in full swing as we waitBoat Ball is in full swing as we wait

A light SW came in and we got away to two smooth water races in the sun and warm conditions – purrfect sailing. Even yours truely put in a better one. He who chose to win banged off another two bullets, visiting ‘Other Dougie’ on the three legged donkey ‘El Fideldo’ and Dave ‘Westie’ West sailing local boat ‘Fly Away Jay’ cemented their 4th and 7th positions. Thanks for coming guys- always a better regatta with you here. Brendan Lee was in there at 6th after having just weighed in finally.

Back in the pack the normal fun loving, hard sailing J crews battled it out, better in some races and down in others – there have to be lots of stories that I don’t know about, I think there was a man overboard somewhere and I know there was plenty of mark yelling at times. Ron beat Janette on points, but Janette won the Thommo Cup – not sure how that one worked out, maybe it was done on PHS this time. Warren Campbell on ‘J Force’ was suddenly fast, blitzing the starts, seems he discovered a huge amount of ‘long time’ water in his forward buoyancy tanks – goes better without it. Nothing wrong with the boat now!

There’s the usual people who get in the same people’s way – you know who you are – there’s the little races within a race actions, the fight for second last place, the younger crews on youth boats and the older guys hanging in there. Once again the women sailing in our fleet is running at about 40% (a much prettier fleet than some), we have female skippers and crews with incredible talent enjoying competitive racing in the J24 fleet. Eat your heart out skinny boat class !

Massive thanks to the sponsor MONJON, SYC race officials who only flew one Black Flag and the interstate competitors who travel thousands of kilometres to make our regatta, of national standard. Thanks also to Luis Ferreiro for taking the most amazing pics out of a less than visually exciting regatta. I will be doing another article featuring more pics from Luis. To see his pics go to

Pacemaker wins, Dave, Herschel, Sam, Damo, RachaelPacemaker wins, Dave, Herschel, Sam, Damo, Rachael


Victorian Title: 1st Pacemaker – David Suda, 2nd Make My Jay – Michah Shuwalow 3rd, Bruschetta VI – Hugo Ottaway.

Handicap: 1st Vice Versa – ‘Stompin’ John Neville, 2nd Code Violation – Stephen Byrne, 3rd Gridlock  – Simon Pickett.

Full results here

Contributions to the article above from Hugo Ottaway (thanks), you know who the ed is.

Italy J/24 Report

April 19, 2016

All across Italy, the J/24s are sailing their winter series. Here are their latest reports. ROME: It was a special victory for the sailors on board KISMET, the boat owned by the late Antonio Antoneli. Thanks to the determination of his wife Francesca Focardi (and crew of Beppe Olmeti, Marcello Marverti and Nunzio Valitutto), they made a stunning comeback in the last weekend of racing to win the Cervia Winter Championship and the Trofeo VIII Memorial Pirini. “For us on KISMET, this is a special victory that goes beyond the competitive results. We did everything to win because we did it for the memory of Antonio,” commented Francesca Focardi Antonelli. “The helmsmen who took turns on board were exceptional, as well as all the crew who showed an extreme commitment to winning the event. I am proud of them. I also wish to thank all the J/24 Class and particularly the J/24 fleet of Romagna not only for having been so close to us as a family, but also for showing me that the J/24 crews are like a big family to all of us. Because of your support, KISMET will continue racing! We will definitely take part in the national J/24 Circuit and also for the 2017 Winter Series in Cervia.” For the series, CAPTAIN NEMO took second, co-skippered by Guido and Domenico Brighi. In third was BLUE WIND sailed by Mauro Martelli. The rest of the top five included MAGIC FAIRY (Viscardo Brusori and Massimo Frigerio) in fourth and KERMESSE (Marco Maccaferri) in fifth. ANZIO-NETTUNO- NATIONAL SERIES- ACT I: LA SUPERBA won the first stage of the Italian J/24 National Circuit after sailing the eight race series in the Gulf of Anzio-Nettuno. Twenty-six teams participated in the regatta that was characterized by strong winds and a high level of competition. It was not an easy victory for LA SUPERBA’s skipper Ignazio Bonanno (with crew of Simone Carrera, Francesco Picaro, Francesco Branciforte, & Alfredo Linares). Despite having won four races with three seconds in their scoreline, they barely beat out the German J/24 team led by Stefan Karsunke. Stefan’s SUELLBERG crew also won four of the eight races and finished just one point back in second. Third for the regatta was BLACK LEATHER sailed by Paul Cecamore and Hungarian Soling World Champion Farkas Litkey. The fourth and fifth positions were taken by MOLLICONA (Vincenzo Mercuri) and MARBEA (Marcello Bellacicca & Antonio Macina). For more Italian J/24 Class sailing information, visit

INDIGO Crowned Argentine J/24 Triple Crown Winner

April 14, 2016

This year, the Argentinean J/24 fleet’s famous “Triple Crown” Series included the Argentina Championship in 2015 and the Campeonato Del Oeste in Potrerillos and the Campeonato Del Centro in Cordoba. It is not an easy event to win. After 25 races counted with four discards, the winner overall was Ezequiel Despontin’s team on INDIGO with crew Martin Costa, Gustavo Llanos and Franco Monetti. After the Nationals in Buenos Aires, the crews all moved their boats into the base of the Andes in Potrerillos to sail on Lago Mendocino. Campeonato del Oeste: Guillermo Parada was the 1995 Argentine National Champion. He proved, yet again, that he has the talent to win the class and won the regatta quite easily over the 18-boat fleet (winning six of eleven races). His crew included Paul Despontin, Carlos Fioritti and Ezequiel Sirito. Taking second was the INDIGO crew led by Ezequiel Despontin with Martin Costa, Gustavo Hernan Llanos and Mieres. Taking third was MORRUCHO with Sebastian Halpern and the family Monetti (Franco & Choli) and Juan Barquero. Despite having suffered a DNF, MORRUCHO managed to climb on to the podium for the bronze, defeating at the last moment Nico Cubria on RINA/WORKNET with crew of Fernando Bertrand, Mario Cubria and Barbara Gold. Fifth was Matias Pereira on QUATTRO sailing with Federico Reser, Elder Pascheta and Andres Guerra (Pan Am Games Gold Medalists). The Punta del Este, Uruguayan team led by Pedro Garra on EXTASIS took sixth overall, sailing with his crew of Santiago Gari, Juan Carral and Ivan Guicheff. It was fortunate to have three days of great sailing with winds ranging from single digits to 25 knots plus. Campeonato del Centro: After the three-day event, seven races were counted and Eze Despontin’s team won not only the regatta, but the overall Triple Crown Series as well! On March 18, the races began with lots of rain and cold weather and very little wind. Just one race was run that day with INDIGO winning. On the next day, more rain, more cold and also very little wind. The forecast was not very promising. Again, the first race was hard to get running on the flat waters of the lake, but again INDIGO won. However, as the wind dropped yet again, racing was postponed until 1700 hrs. Two more races were conducted in light breezes until sunset. Nicolas Cubria’s RINA/WORKNET won the second race, and Sammy Capueta’s CALEUCHE won the third and last race of the day. Like the previous two mornings, the final day dawned cloudy with little wind. However, in spite of the weather conditions, the breeze ultimately developed and the fleet was able to enjoy three good races, racking up seven races overall. The first race was won by Cubria’s RINA/WORKNET, the second by MEU VICIO, and the third by Halpern’s MORRUCHO. The final results saw Despontin’s crew on INDIGO win the regatta and the Triple Crown. Second in the regatta was Halpern’s MORRUCHO (and second in the Triple Crown). Third in the Triple Crown was Cubria’s RINA/WORKNET. For more Argentina J/24 Class sailing information, click here.

SPI Ouest France

April 5, 2016

The 38th SPI Ouest France regatta sailed on the Bay of Biscay was an experience no one expected just three days before it all began over the Easter holiday weekend. Organized and hosted by Société Nautique de la Trinité-Sur-Mer, the sailors in the 360-boat fleet were expecting a rather benign weather forecast but a powerful storm front moving through the area forced event organizers to cancel the remainder of racing for Sunday and Monday. Winning the OH2 Class with J/24s was F De Herce’s MAJIC with a 2-2-1. A Garcia’s INSULARIS finished third with a 3-3-4, fifth was V Maldonado’s REGATTA COPA MEXICO EUSKADI and in eighth was B Le Marec’s EL NINO. For more SPI OUEST France sailing information, visit

MOLLICONA Leads Italian J/24 Spring Championship

March 5, 2016

After becoming the winners of the 2015 Autumn Championship, the MOLLICONA crew consisting of Vincenzo Mercuri, Massimiliano Biagini, Riccardo Marini, Nicholas Marchini and Beba Tognetti have also had a great start to this year’s Spring Championship series and are leading the fleet after the first weekend. “The two races on Saturday were windward-leeward courses; they were sailed in light winds from the north of 4-8 knots with flat seas. The continuous wind shifts (and decreasing wind strength) in the second race, however, forced the race to be finished on the first run,” explained Sergio Del Nero. “On Sunday, however, we had very rough seas. Winds were between 4-10 knots from the north, variable. And, it was very difficult conditions with wave flowing against the wind, forming very choppy seas. Also on this day, the second race was shortened to the first run because of the sudden drop in wind.” Despite the challenging weather, the MOLLICONA team rose to the occasion and compiled a 1-5-1-1 record to be leading after the first weekend of racing. Moving into second place on JAMAICA is the Italian J/24 Class President Pietro Diamanti- with a 2-1-2-3 tally. Sitting in third place is NINAN skippered by Alberto Manfredini with scores of 3-8-3-2; in fourth is TALLY I owned by Roberta Banfo and skippered by Luca Macchiarini with a very steady 4-4-4-6; and in fifth place is ITA 330 skippered by Enrico Giannotti with a 6-2-8-8 tally. Excellent as always was the work done by the Race Committee (Chaired by Luigi D’Amico and assisted by Gigi Porchera and Sergio Del Nero) and their mark boats (Massimo Lunardini, Silvano and Matteo Zanza). For more Italian J/24 sailing information, visit

North American Championship Early Bird Registration Extended

The Organizing Committee for the 2016 J/24 North American Championship at Port Credit Yacht Club in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (September 8- 11) has extended the early bird registration fee until June 30. They will be providing refunds to those who have now overpaid. The input from the racers was appreciated and assisted in deliberations. We hope this will lead to a healthy amount of competition and look forward to seeing as many racers as possible. The Notice of Race has been amended to reflect this change. Take advantage of the low $365 US entry fee and register now here.

Italy J/24 Winter Regatta Series Reports

February 20, 2016

The J/24 Class in Italy continues to hold winter-long series in a number of locations. Two of the most popular editions are sailed in the middle of the Mediterranean coastline on Italy’s western coast- southern Sardinia and also Anzio-Nettuno just south of Rome. Here are the latest reports.
VIGNE SURRAU Commands Sardinia Series: The first round of the Sardinia winter circuit, sailed in the waters off the port of Torregrande, saw a fleet of 13 J/24s enjoying three races over the weekend. The fleet enjoyed southwest winds early in the day that, ultimately, swung further west with larger waves and more current. Club Nautico Oristano and Regatta Chairman Gian Marco Patta were pleased with the outcome of the event. “In this third event of the series, we were able to do two races with winds between 12-16 knots,” explained Marco Frulio. “The first race was won by Antonello Ciabatti’s LYBISSONIS with a beautiful second upwind leg, tacking on the right shifts. Aurelio Bini did not start very well and his VIGNE SURRAU crew failed to make their usual recovery. Accordingly, Salvatore Orecchioni’s NORD EST took second, and third was Angelo Corrias’ JADINE. After a postponed start, the RC chaired by Pietro Sanna gave the fleet a good race. Many boats favored the left side of the course. Aurelio Bini took the lead and did not let go until the end. Behind him was LIBARIUM with Davide Schintu skippering and in third place was JADINE.” Leading the provisional ranking (compiled after eight races with two discards) is Bini’s VIGNE SURRAU with 8 points total. After this regatta, they increased their lead over LEGA NAVALE CARLOFORTE’s David Gorgerino who has 19 points.
LA SUPERBA Controls Anzio-Nettuno Series: Over the weekend, the Rome J/24 fleet had a bit too much air, adverse weather and extreme sea conditions for the smooth running of several races for the Trofeo Lozzi and the Campionato Invernale di Anzio-Nettuno. As a result, the rankings after 11 races (including two discards) is that Ignazio Bonanno’s team on LA SUPERBA remains in control of the series lead. Bonanno’s team includes Simone Scontrino, Alfredo Branciforte, Francesco Picaro and Vincenzo Vano. Sitting in second place is a very strong team—PELLE NERA from Nettuno YC sailed by Paolo Cecamore with Soling World Champion Farkas Litkey from Hungary as tactician. In third is the Polizia Penitenziaria in FIAMME AZZURRE skippered by Fabio Delicati. The final stages of the Trofeo Lozzi will continue on March 12 while the Winter Anzio-Nettuno Series will conclude on the following Sundays. The Sailing Club Roma ( will be hosting the final set of races.

Australian J/24 Nationals

January 30, 2016

Host for this year’s Australian J/24 Nationals was Sandringham YC, where 19 teams showed up to compete for class honors. With a variety of conditions, it was not surprising that the local “Black Prince of Sandy” (David Suda) made sure no one vanquished his Pacemaker team on home waters. Here is how it all went down way. “Day one: After an abandoned practice day and with the possibility of day one being a no-go as well, it was great to be able to say we got three good races in. The first two races were with most people on genoas in a 12-15 knot SE breeze, and the third race onto jibs with the wind coming in around the 18-20 knot mark. As winds came up, the shifts got trickier and swung through a wider arc with the beach side of the course paying dividends more often than not. A little confusion with reading the sailing instructions or not… I saw a number of boats taking the unnecessary scenic route around the hitch mark on the second leg…ugh! In general, the fleet was well behaved, and everyone was happily back in the marina showing off their battle flags. The Black Prince of Sandringham was in the lead with a 1,2,1 from Steve Girdis, Brendan Lee, Ron Thomson and Simon Grain. Day two: perfect sailing weather (it’s always like this at Sandy!) with a 10 knot SE breeze and flat water. Shirts-and-shorts sailing so the northern hemisphere overseas visitors were very happy. Three races in, and the big mover was Jet with two bullets and a second to Convicts in race six. With the drop now in place, this brought the leader board to Pacemaker on 9 points from Jet on 13, two back to Convicts and a further five back to By the Lee. In a great display of sailing, our ‘local guest’ skipper Peter Lee (Brendan’s father, By the Lee) sailing one of our youth boats (Sidetracked) in a last minute entry finished third (11 places ahead of the boy racer son) in one of the races and was up there for most of the other two. We’ve always known that Sidetracked (a revitalised Jarkan) was a fast boat and that Pete is a good driver (he taught Brendan all he knows, and plenty he has forgotten). Might be time to think about your own boat Pete! In other news, after the first day’s clean racing, we had the first protests so the room was busy–a certain lady skipper in the middle of it, I gather. Bruce Alexander on Gunboat with a new crew did a bit of trawling with the kite but was otherwise in the thick of it. Dave McKay on Stockcar had his drop with an OCS–gotta listen to the radio Dave! In general, the racing was tight with an average of 35-40 minutes per race and the fleet finishing within four minutes in each race. Following a lay day, racing would resume on Thursday. Day three: A tough day on the water with southerly winds of 22-28 knots and big seas—hard work upwind but great surfing downwind. Only two races were sailed with the third being canned when in the starting sequence, I think many were quite glad to be going back to the marina. Dave Suda, ‘The Black Prince of Sandringham,’ showed his mettle again with two wins from Simon Grain and Steve Girdis in a tie for second in the first race and from Simon Grain and then Steve Girdis in the second race. Brendan Lee was fourth in both races. Brendan and Dave were both very fast upwind, with Jet picking up the places downwind. ‘Mr J/24′ Hugo Ottaway in Bruschetta VI, Robyn Coombs in Hyperactive, Ron Thomson the new National President in Kicking and Dave McKay in Stockcar were the bunch fighting out the placings from fifth to eighth—all pretty close on points so it was anyone’s final placing in this group. Of particular note was John Neville in Vice Versa lying in ninth and sailing very well (consistent placings gave John his best Nationals position so far…well done John). Up to the prior day, the Thommo Cup was alive and well with equal numbers of wins to both Janette and Ron, but the stronger conditions have seen Ron take two wins off Janette. The forecasted lighter conditions may suite Janette more. This was the first Nationals the two have battled it out in their own boats. There are the usual hard luck stories on windy days, and Peter Lee’s day came to an abrupt end with the kite and Fitzy’s head being trashed. Fitzy got stitches in the Sandy Hospital but is ok (hard head!). There were a few skippers licking their unexpected placings at the back end of the fleet. Just remember guys…you are in a classy even if smaller fleet than we would like and the boats further up the food chain are not going to give anything away. It’s tough and getting tougher. A belated welcome to Zibo Madej from CYCSA in Adelaide with a crew of Chinese from Shanghai. Not everyone speaks English on the boat, so it is a vertical learning curve for the crew. Well done Zibo and thanks for coming to the regatta, with more practice and time I hope we will see you again and further up the fleet. The handicap placings were very similar with Dave Suda leading from Simon Grain, Steve Girdis, Brendan Lee and Hugo Ottaway. Day four (the finale): The Black Prince of Sandringham returned to his throne. The final day was a series of ups and downs. Steve Girdis sailing Convicts Revenge came up from third to claim second and Jet went down to third. With the first race sailed in lighter airs, Jet had the edge on speed and moved closer to the top with another win. Dave was getting worried, but Brendan reminded us all that Simon hadn’t had his bad race yet and he did in the third race of the day (our new drop!). With the breeze building throughout the day, Pacemaker reeled off a string of firsts and Convicts a string of seconds. Game over. Brendan and Hugo came in with consistent thirds and fourths to cement their overall fourth and fifth positions. Kirsty steering Robyn Coombs’ Hyperactive took sixth even with an apparently spectacular Chinese on one of the runs. Ron Thomson won the Thommo Cup but Janette did a great job sailing in the rough conditions to record a very consistent result mid-fleet. The Handicap result mirrored the One Design except that Hugo took out third overall from Jet in fourth. The committee and club excelled at a memorable presentation dinner with the usual ‘short Scottish’ speech from President Doug MacGregor and MC for the raffle and other comments from the Class’ funniest resident wit John Neville. The Victorian committee did a great job with the whole organization of the regatta. It’s a huge job, and the team brought it together very well. The club’s race management volunteers led by Graeme Watt and Craig Wiley also excelled on and off the track—a big thank you on behalf of all the competitors. Thanks also to our long time sponsor MonJohn Security for once again supporting the regatta, also to John Neville’s Data Agility and Iguana Design for contributing to the success of the event. Luis Ferreiro’s on water photography is superb: go to For more Australian J/24 Nationals sailing information, visit

JEBEDEE Leads Italian J/24 Winter Series, Wins Act IV

After the fourth event in the Italian J/24 Winter Series, in which two more demanding races were sailed in very cold northerly winds up to 22 knots, we find the team of JEBEDEE leading the series with a 3-1-1-1-2-2-1 record for just 10 points. The team of owner Nino Soriano from CN Maestrale and skipper Luca Gaglione are proving to be a very tough combination to beat. Following JEBEDEE in the standings is FIVE FOR FIGHTING J owned by Tommaso De Bellis and skippered by Tarantino Andrea Airò with just 12 points total. Then, lying in third place overall is DOCTOR J that is owned by Sandro Negro and helmed by Marco Raeli with 21 points. Rounding out the top five are Massimo Ruggiero’s CANARINO FEROCE in fourth and Marcello Bellacicca’s MARBEA in fifth place. According to Nino Soriano, “After the Christmas break, the Winter Championship City of Taranto resumed with a beautiful day full of cold and wind. Not much wind for the truth. The crews, in fact, were divided on using the jib or the genoa as headsail. On the other hand, we know that in Taranto, when the wind is northerly, it creates major headaches for race officials who must place the race course; the oscillations are continuous, both in intensity and direction. We managed to stay out of trouble, stay in phase for most of the legs and were lucky to post a 2-1 for the day and stay in the lead for the series. A big thank you to the organization by Ondabuena and SVMM and throughout the race committee with John Rochira to direct operations!” The Winter Championship will continue on Sundays during the 7th/21st of February and 6th/20th of March. For more Italian J/24 Winter Championship sailing information, visit

J/24 Peru Nationals

A fleet of 10 J/24s participated in the 2015 Peruvian J/24 Nationals held off La Punta along Peru’s dramatic and beautiful Pacific coast line. Under PRO Luis Yarlaque, the sailors were put to the test over the three-day championship weekend with a total of nine races. After one discard race, the winner was again Luis Olcese’s SCARAMOUCH. After the first five races, the young skipper Javier Arribas Jr. accumulated a 2-4-1-2-3, and HAWKY was comfortably leading the series. They added a 6-5-3 for 14 pts in the final three races to land on the podium, collecting the bronze. Javier Sr sailed WAYRA consistently all weekend and took the silver behind Olcese’s SCARAMOUCH. Rounding out the top five were Lucas Peschiera’s TIAMAT in fourth place and Augusto Navarro’s 7 BARES in fifth position. For more Peruvian J/24 Nationals sailing information, visit

European Championships Plymouth 2016

January 27, 2016

The UK J/24 Class is very excited to welcome you and your teams to Plymouth for the 2016 European Championship from August 13-19. Visit for further updates.

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