International J/24 Class Association

World Champions

Year Location Helmsperson Yacht Country
2023 Thessaloniki, Greece Keith Whittemore Furio United States
2022 Corpus Christi, TX USA Mike Marshall American Garage United States
2019 Miami, FL, USA Keith Whittemore Furio United States
2018 Riva del Garda, Italy Will Welles Kaster United States
2017 Mississauga, Ontario Rossi Milev Clear Air Canada
2016 Wakayama, Japan Daniel Frost JJOne Germany
2015 Boltenhagen, Germany Ian Southworth Il Riccio Great Britain
2014 Newport, RI, USA Will Welles Cougar United States
2013 Howth, Ireland Tim Healy Helly Hansen United States
2012 Rochester, NY, USA Mauricio Santa Cruz Bruschetta Brazil
2011 Buenos Aires, Argentina Alejo Rigoni Luca ARG
2010 Malmo, Sweden Tim Healy Quantum Racing United States
2009 Annapolis, MD USA Mauricio Santa Cruz Bruschetta Brazil
2008 Cannigione, Italy Andrea Casale Fiamma Gialla Italy
2007 Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico Mauricio Santa Cruz Bruschetta Brazil
2006 Melborne, Australia Mauricio Santa Cruz Bruschetta Brazil
2005 Weymouth, England Anthony Kotoun Jigalo US Virgin Islands
2004 Noroton, CT USA Jens Hookanson Salsa United States
2003 Medemblik, Holland Lorenzo Bressani Kaster Italy
2002 Kingston, Canada Brad Read Blind Squirrel United States
2001 Osaka, Japan Kazuyuki Hyodo Sled Japan
2000 Newport, USA Brad Read Blind Squirrel United States
1999 Genoa, Italy Vasco Vascotto BAGUA Italy
1998 San Francisco, USA Terry Hutchinson Evita United States
1997 Buenos Aries. Argentina Vince Brun Writing Instruments United States
1996 Sardinia, Italy Chris Larson Writing Instruments United States
1995 Rochester, USA Bill Fortenberry Average White Boat United States
1994 Melbourne, Australia Ken Read Jazzed United States
1993 Abersock, Wales Ken Read Head Case United States
1992 Annapolis, USA Ken Read Mookie United States
1991 Athens, Greece Ken Read Maxx United States
1990 Dublin, Ireland Jim Brady Just More Fun United States
1989 Kingston, Canada Larry Klein Fly Mo J United States
1988 Sydney, Australia John Kostecki Pee Wee United States
1987 Capri, Italy Francesco de Angelis Le Coq Hardi Italy
1986 Newport, USA Ken Read 96 Degrees United States
1985 Atsumi Bay, Japan Ken Read Maggie-San United States
1984 Poole, England David Curtis HJ United States
1983 Maalmo, Sweden Ed Baird Laissez Faire United States
1982 San Francisco, USA John Kolius Cheap Sunglasses United States
1981 Sydney, Australia Mark Bethwaite Bandit Australia
1980 San Remo, Italy John Kolius San Brandano United States
1979 Newport, USA Charlie Scott Smiles United States


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