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Ignazio Bonanno’s La Superba Controls 2019 J/24 European Championship

May 11, 2019

Ignazio Bonanno’s La Superba of Italy, with crew Simone Scontrino, Vincenzo Vano, Francesco Picaro and Alfredo Branciforte, only needed nine of 10 races to earn the title of J/24 European Champions for the second time. They also won in 2012 in their home country. The team logged scores of 1,3,4,3,2,3,1,2,3 for 22 net points, able to stay ashore for Friday’s final duel which determined the runner-up positions. Anthimos Nikolaidis’ Evniki of Greece secured the silver spot with the race win for 37 net points. Two fellow countrymen followed in third and fourth overall: Panagiotis Kampouridis’ JMania (43 points) and Alexandros Tagaropoulos’ Hellenic Police (46 points). German Stefan Karsunke’s Schwere Jungs completed the top five with 51 points. Thirty J/24s competed May 7-10 from the Sailing Club of Patras in Greece. Bonanno and the La Superba team from the Italian Navy race together regularly, and are working to come to Miami, Florida for the 2019 World Championship in October. Conditions in Patras were postcard-perfect every day, with winds generally starting near 10 knots and increasing throughout the day. Bonanno shared, “We prefer light breeze usually, but on the first day, we had a good day even when the wind increased to 15-18 knots.” Of the venue, he added, “Really nice races and a good race area. We took the European Champion the day before, so we are really, really happy!” Complete results may be found at, and photos are available on the International J/24 Class Facebook page.

Ignazio Bonanno’s La Superba to be Crowned 2019 J/24 European Champion

May 10, 2019

In nine of 10 scheduled races at the J/24 European Championship, Ignazio Bonanno’s La Superba has consistently placed in the top four. Factoring in one discard for the Series, that leaves the Italian team as European Champions for the second time (they also won in 2012 in their home country), with one race to spare. Retaining scores of only firsts, seconds and thirds, La Superba has netted just 18 points. Teams battling for the balance of the podium, nearly 20 points in arrears, include Anthimos Nikolaidis’ Evniki, Alexandros Tagaropoulos’ Hellenic Police, Panagiotis Kampouridis’ JMania and Stefan Karsunke’s Schwere Jungs. 30 J/24s conclude racing Friday at the Sailing Club of Patras in Greece. Conditions were perfect again on Thursday, with breeze at 10-15 knots, sunny skies and warmer temperatures. Bonanno’s La Superba notched their second bullet of the series to start the day, tailed by two German teams—Stephan Mais’ Runningmen and Karsunke’s Schwere Jungs. Kampouridis’ JMania of Greece snagged the win in the day’s middle battle, while Bonanno settled for second and Nikolaidis’ Evniki third. Then Kampouridis’ JMania went back-to-back with another victory, ahead of Karsunke and Bonanno. Complete results may be found at, and photos are available on the International J/24 Class Facebook page.

Advantage La Superba at J/24 European Championship

May 8, 2019

Six races have been accomplished at the J/24 European Championship, hosted by the Sailing Club of Patras in Greece. Ignazio Bonanno’s La Superba of Italy has jumped into first place. With scores of 3,2,3 on Wednesday, and factoring in the discard race (a fourth for them), La Superba tallies just 12 net points. Anthimos Nikolaidis’ Evniki of Greece moved up a spot to second overall (17 points), and fellow countryman Alexandros Tagaropoulos’ Hellenic Police can now be found in third (25 points). Winds began at 5-8 knots under blue skies and increased to 10-12 by day’s end for the 30 J/24s. Nikolaidis rattled off two bullets in the first two races on Wednesday, shadowed initially by Tagaropoulos and Bonanno, and then again by Bonanno and Dave Hale’s Cacoon of Great Britain. Two German teams rocked the day’s final and windiest battle: Lynn Wolgast’s Derbe Kerle and Thomas Cramer’s Jux and Dollerei. Bonanno placed third. Racing continues through Friday. Complete results may be found at, and photos are available on the International J/24 Class Facebook page.

Idyllic Opening to J/24 European Championship

Thirty J/24s vied in three races in winds of 15-25 knots to open to 2019 J/24 European Championship, hosted by the Sailing Club of Patras in Greece. Three different nations comprise the top three: Stefan Karsunke’s Schwere Jungs of Germany (5 points), Ignazio Bonanno’s La Superba of Italy (8 points) and Anthimos Nikolaidis’ Evniki of Greece (17 points). Bonanno’s La Superba opened the Championship successfully as the breeze started in the mid-teens. Karsunke’s Schwere Jungs and Rauschenberger’s El Nino followed. Nikolaidis’ Evniki won race two when the winds began piping up, and both Karsunke and Bonanno kept their claim at the front end of the fleet. Karsunke capped a nearly perfect day with a bullet, ahead of Panagiotis Kampouridis’ JMania and Alexandros Tagaropoulos’ Hellenic Police in Tuesday’s last contest. Racing continues through Friday. Complete results may be found at

Will Welles’ Bruschetta Crowned J/24 North American Champion

April 6, 2019

Will Welles’ Bruschetta withstood a charging Tony Parker’s Bangor Packet to return the J/24 North American Championship to Newport, RI. Welles, two-time J/24 World Champion and now four-time J/24 North American Champion, came into Friday’s final two races with a slight two-point advantage over Parker. With boat owner Aroldo de Rienzo aboard as well as Rich Bowen, John McCabe and PJ Schaffer, Bruschetta took the victory in Race 9, with Parker still hot on their heels in second. The pair dueled in the final contest, with Welles placing ninth and Parker 10th, giving Welles and team the Championship with 24 points to Parker’s 28. In third place overall, and top Mexican finisher, was Kenneth Porter’s S with 32 points. Friday’s race winners were Welles and Porter. Twenty-seven J/24s completed 10 races at Club Nautico Valle de Bravo in Mexico from April 2-5. Welles had never sailed in Valle de Bravo before this week, when he also competed in the Mexican National Championship (placing first overall). Although this marked the first time paired with local boat owner de Rienzo, the remaining crew are good friends from Newport, RI who sometimes race together in Fleet 50. Welles summarized the conditions in Valle de Bravo, saying, “It’s funky out there. The puffs don’t move quickly, so you have to get to them.” As for strategy in the final two races, Welles said, “We focused on getting good starts so we could go the way we thought we should, and just keep Bangor Packet behind us.”

Top Five:

  1. Bruschetta, Will Welles, USA – 1 -1 -3 -1 -5 -1 -[28] -3 -1 -8 ; 24
  2. Bangor Packet, Tony Parker, USA – 5 -[12] -2 -3 -1 -3 -2 -1 -2 -9 ; 28
  3. S, Kenneth Porter, MEX – 3 -5 -7 -2 -[9] -2 -4 -5 -3 -1 ; 32
  4. Baba Louie, Mark Laura, USA – 2 -3 -5 -[10] -2 -9 -1 -7 -9 -2 ; 40
  5. Trinquete, Javier Velásquez, MEX – 7 -2 -1 -12 -8 -5 -[28] -16 -4 -6 ; 61
    Complete results may be found at, and photos are available on the International J/24 Class Facebook page.

Americans to Duke It Out for J/24 North American Championship

April 5, 2019

After eight stunning races in Valle de Bravo Mexico, two Americans will battle for the title of 2019 J/24 North American Champion: Will Welles’ Bruschetta and Tony Parker’s Bangor Packet. Welles suffered a UFD penalty in Thursday’s opening contest, which became his discard, leaving him with 15 net points. Parker continued his ascent to the top, securing a 2,1 on the day, to close within just two points of Welles. The third and fourth place finishes will also be a nail-biter, as Kenneth Porter’s S and Mark Laura’s Baba Louie are separated by a mere point (Porter’s 28 to Laura’s 29). Twenty-seven J/24s will conclude the Championship on Friday at Club Nautico Valle de Bravo, with two final races planned. Laura’s Baba Louie began Thursday with their first victory of the week, shadowed by Parker and Natalie Harden’s Giggles. Parker took the next win, while Ramon Benitez’s De colores and Welles settled for second and third. Complete results may be found at, and photos are available on the International J/24 Class Facebook page.

Will Welles’ Bruschetta Stays Strong at J/24 North American Championship

April 4, 2019

Another gorgeous day in Valle de Bravo, another day atop the leaderboard for Will Welles’ Bruschetta at the J/24 North American Championship. With boat owner Aroldo de Rienzo aboard as well as Rich Bowen, John McCabe and PJ Schaffer, Bruschetta lodged scores of 1,5,1 on Wednesday. Now able to discard the fifth in race five, Welles has a net score of 7 points in six races of the planned 10-race series. Tony Parker’s Bangor Packet benefited from a solid day to jump into second place overall, after recording a 3,1,3 for 14 net points. Kenneth Porter’s S moved into third place with 19 points. Twenty-seven J/24s are competing at Club Nautico Valle de Bravo in Mexico through Friday. Following a brief postponement while the breeze came in, racing got underway in winds of 8-10 knots, which increased to 10-14 with puffs in the high teens. Welles earned his third bullet of the Championship in Wednesday’s initial contest, trailed by Porter and Parker. Then it was Parker’s turn for line honors, his best finish of the series, while Laura and Ramon Benitez’s De colores followed. Leading the fleet back to the docks were Welles, Porter and Parker. Complete results may be found at, and photos are available on the International J/24 Class Facebook page.

How Do You Spell Perfection in Spanish? Valle de Bravo

April 3, 2019

Twenty-seven J/24s reveled in flawless conditions as the J/24 North American Championship kicked off at Club Nautico Valle de Bravo in Mexico. Winds started at 10-12 knots and increased to 12-16, with occasional higher gusts. Current J/24 World Champion Will Welles, racing Bruschetta, of the USA has taken the early advantage with 5 points, following scores of 1,1,3. The next positions are locked in a tie at 10 points: Javier Velasquez’s Trinquete (7,2,1 on the day) and Mark Laura’s Baba Louie (2,3,5). Under cloudless skies on the picturesque lake in the mountains of Mexico, Welles opened the Championship with his first of consecutive bullets. Trailing him in race one were Laura and Kenneth Porter’s S. And in race two were Velasquez and Laura. Velasquez earned the final victory of the day, as Tony Parker’s Bangor Packet and Welles comprised the top three. Racing continues through Friday. Complete results may be found at, and photos are available on the International J/24 Class Facebook page.

Kenneth Porter is 2019 Mexican National Champion

April 2, 2019

The 2019 J/24 Mexican National Championship took place at Club Nautico Valle be Bravo from March 30-31, in advance of the North American Championship kicking off April 2. Local Kenneth Porter was crowned Mexican National Champion, ahead of Ramon Benitez on Decolores and Javier Velasquez on Trinquette. In the overall standings, American Will Welles’ Bruschetta topped the fleet, with Porter in second and another American, Tony Parker’s Bangor Packet, in third.

2019 J24 Mexican Nationals Results (PDF)

CAMBURY Crowned J/24 Campeon del Oeste

The Campeonato del Oeste was recently sailed on the Andean mountains lake off Potrerillos in Argentina. The dozen-boat fleet was treated to a wide variety of conditions over the three-day Championship. After 11 races, it was clear the regatta was a battle between CAMBURY, RINA and MORRUCHO. The final standings were not determined until the last race, with the team of CAMBURY (Marcelo Freytes, Ricky Homps, Torkel Borgstrom and Ezequiel Despontin) winning by just one point. Racing was so close amongst the trio of boats that second place was determined by a tie-breaker. Winning that count-back was Buenos Aires sailor Nicolas Cubria’s RINA over Sebastian Halpern’s MORRUCHO. Rounding out the top five were US in fourth and SEAWOLF in fifth. Nico Cubria commented on the sailing, “On Saturday, we sailed for the Martin Pelado Costa Cup, a tribute to past J/24 sailor Sr. Martín. The best boat of the day was MORRUCHO skippered by Sebastian Halpern. In the afternoon, there was an emotional presentation of prizes that counted on the presence of the wife and children of Martin who, together with Torkel Borgstrom, dedicated warm words and anecdotes remembering Martin. On Sunday, the wind breeze stayed strong in the 12 to 20 kts range, enabling the PRO to run four more races. Needless to say, there is great camaraderie amongst the sailors!” For more Argentine J/24 Class information, visit

Good Samaritan Hospital 2020 J/24 North American Championship Update

March 24, 2019

The Fleet 182 and the Sayville Yacht Club are proud to announce a partnership with Good Samaritan Hospital of West Islip, NY to become the title sponsor of the 2020 J/24 North American Championship. Good Samaritan Hospital is part of the Catholic Health Services family of hospitals in New York. Sailing fits within the hospital’s healthy lifestyle campaign and provides an opportunity to promote this and the hospital. The regatta will now be named the “Good Samaritan Hospital 2020 J/24 North American Championship”. “Good Sam is delighted to sponsor the 2020 J/24 North American Championship Regatta at the Sayville Yacht Club,” said Good Samaritan President Ruth E. Hennessey. “It’s an incredible accomplishment for our friends in Sayville to host this prestigious event, and we’re honored to help bring this level of national exposure to the south shore of Long Island.” Fleet 182 and the Sayville Yacht Club have begun the work to bring another world class event to the Great South Bay. Be on the look out for the NOR which will be posted on the event website this May 2019. Mark you calendars to hold the dates open. The Good Samaritan Hospital 2020 J/24 North American Championship will be held May 27-31. Hope to see as many of you as possible at the regatta. As further information becomes available, the regatta committee will provide it to the prospective participants through the Class website.

Beautiful St. Croix International Regatta

March 21, 2019

The St. Croix Yacht Club, situated on the beach on Teague Bay in St Croix, USVI, completed its popular St. Croix International Regatta. The event takes place over three days. On Friday March 8 was Captain Nick’s Race, then on Saturday and Sunday, it was the International Regatta—two days of mix CSA handicap racing. In the CSA Spinnaker class, Peter Stanton’s J/24 CRUCIAN CONFUSION won all four races in the Captain Nick’s Race and five of the six races in the International Regatta, winning class quite convincingly. For more St Croix International Regatta information, visit

Rossi Milev’s Clear Air Captures J/24 Midwinter Championship

March 5, 2019

2017 J/24 World Champion Rossi Milev, on Clear Air, hoisted another Class perpetual trophy Sunday, taking the 2019 J/24 Midwinter Championship at Davis Island Yacht Club in Tampa, FL. With crew Dan Borrer, Gayle Gray, Vince Somoza (boat owner) and Mark Goodyear, the Ontario Canada-based helmsman led the team to net scores of 2,1,3,7,5,1,4 for 23 points. Carter White’s YouRegatta paced solid scores all weekend, earning him the silver position with 26 points. John Mollicone’s Helly Hansen came on strong in the latter races to clinch the bronze spot with 28 points. Twenty-nine teams completed eight races from March 1-3. This event was Milev’s first since the 2017 Worlds. “It felt great to be back,” said Milev. “We didn’t have the gears since we haven’t sailed for a while, but every day, we got a little better.” Although Gray and Goodyear were part of the World Championship crew, Borrer and Somoza were newcomers to Clear Air, yet “clicked from the get-go.” The blue skies, solid seabreeze and temperatures hovering around 80 degrees were a welcome relief to the sub-zero conditions in Canada. About Davis Island, Milev summarized, “It’s one of my favorite places in North America to sail. It’s the friendliest yacht club by far. The breeze this weekend was unbelievable. I’ve sailed here a lot of times, and this is the steadiest I’ve ever seen it. On Saturday, we had 15 minutes on one tack, and we never got a shift.”

Top five:

  1. Clear Air, Rossi Milev, CAN 2 -1 -[14] -3 -7 -5 -1 -4 ; 23
  2. YouRegatta, Carter White, USA 1 -[12] -6 -4 -3 -6 -3 -3 ; 26
  3. Helly Hansen, John Mollicone, USA [24] -8 -4 -6 -2 -2 -5 -1 ; 28
  4. Bangor Packet, Tony Parker, USA 11 -11 -1 -[12] -5 -1 -4 -6 ; 39
  5. Angel of Harlem, Robby Brown, USA 7 -2 -3 -2 -11 -7 -8 -[30] ; 40
    Sunday’s race winners were Milev and Mollicone. Photos are posted on the USA J/24 Class Facebook page, and complete results are available at

Casales Leads Sardinia J/24 Winter Series

February 13, 2019

In the waters of the Golfo di Poetto, the Windsurfing Club Cagliari hosted the first event of their winter series on the waters off Sardinia for a fleet of 10 boats. Prior to the start of the series, mistral-like conditions buffeted the island with steady 30 knots of winds, gusting to 45 knots. However, by the weekend, the Race Committee of the WCC, chaired by Betty Lai, managed to run three races on Saturday. The starts were close, tightly packed, and the first windward legs were, in particular, very shifty, making it hard for boats to remain consistent race to race. The one exception appeared to be Andrea Casale, an Italian J/24 Champion and also two-time J/24 World Champion. His team managed to round all marks in the lead and start out the series in first place. Behind Casales’ team on ARIA DELLA LNI OLBIA in the first race was Aurelio Bini’s VIGNE SURRAU in second and Giuseppe Taras’ DOLPHINS in third. In the second race, DOLPHINS took second followed by Sergio Contu’s NEW MOLLICA in third place. In the last and final race of the weekend, NEW MOLLICA took second in a close duel with Casales, with VIGNE SURRAU taking third. At the end of the racing, the J/24 crews met to talk with the Genovese champion Casales who gave advice on the boat’s handling and on the tactical choices to be competitive in conditions like those on the weekend. The overall standings (after the first five races) have ITA 443 ARIA DELLA LNI OLBIA leading with a 6-2-1-1-1 record, followed by ITA 405 VIGNE SURRAU from the Circolo Nautico Arzachena with a 3-1-2-9-3 tally in second, then Giuseppe Taras’ ITA 401 DOLPHINS sitting in third with a 2-6-3-2-5 scoreline. For more Sardinia J/24 fleet information, visit

J/24s Enjoy Gorgeous Grenada Sailing Week

Friday 1st February saw the final race day for the seventh edition of the Island Water World Grenada Sailing Week 2019. Once again, the fleet saw spectacular conditions out on the water. The balmy early morning calm fortunately gave way to a good breeze as the trade winds kicked in. Competitors made their way to the start line with everything still to race for. Fredrick Sweeny’s Attitude, Robbie Yearwood’s Die Hard and Stephen Bushe’s Hawkeye led the way in the J/24 fleet. But it was Attitude with 10 wins out of 18 that took the final honours. The final night’s prize-giving and the Mount Gay Wrap Up party were held at the upper restaurant of Secret Harbour Marina overlooking Mount Hartman Bay. Nearly US$1,000 was raised during the event to support the first GSA Youth Sailing Team who competed in the J/24 Class and had an excellent time out on the water. The Organising Committee wants to thank everyone involved and hopes to see everyone again next year. Overall results for the J/24:

1st – Attitude – Fredrick Sweeney – St Lucia
2nd – Die Hard – Robbie Yearwood – Grenada
3rd – Hawkeye – Stephen Bushe – Trinidad
For complete event details, visit

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